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Author Jacqueline Hayes is passionate about empowering women and she brings her message of no limits in life only limited thinking to everyone as a highly in-demand speaker through workshops and forums and with her two books: Unfoldings: A Woman’s Journey and You Are Enough: A Guide to Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom and Acceptance. Jacqueline takes her wealth of experience in over 17 years in human resources and talent management in major industries from healthcare and telecommunications to technology and her fascination with human behavior to connect with women on every level and empower them to wake up, to pay attention, and to get serious about their lives.  Because her mission is to see others blossom and stretch into their potential, her workshops and group discussions excite, motivate and inspire her audience, especially her most popular discussions- “You Are Enough” and “Getting to Your Sparkle.” Her guests feel enlightened, informed, and empowered and able to embrace the power and capacity to change their life by renewing their mind and developing a new set of skills, tools and strategies that will have a direct and positive impact on their quality of life.  Jacqueline gives the powerful gift of seeing that each person was created with special, unique gifts that are buried deep inside a treasure chest within—gifts that were meant to be discovered and given to the world.

Jacqueline’s two books are also a source of power, inspiration and practical real-world strategies that speak to women everywhere. Unfoldings: A Woman’s Journey is a remarkable eye-opener for women who are looking outside for the treasures that are within. Women are empowered and enlightened to discover who they are, celebrate their uniqueness and walk in their purpose. The book beautifully captures a woman’s journey in uncovering her true, authentic self. It gives women wisdom and understanding for personal growth, spiritual awareness and self-discovery.

Jacqueline’s newest book, You Are Enough: A Guide to Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom and Acceptance, is a real-world, practical and down to earth guide to help women discover their essence, their purpose, and their passion. Jacqueline Hayes believes that every woman is a special gift to the world and this book shows her readers how to take responsibility and ownership of their lives, how to challenge their negative thoughts and how to get to the root cause of toxic emotions to heal old wounds and attain the power and freedom of wholeness and forgiveness.

Jacqueline Hayes is a powerful force for change in the lives of anyone who needs to reevaluate and find the tools to grow and change. She knows that people waste lots of mental space and precious time dwelling on old, dead past situations and events. She believes most people are standing in their own way, sabotaging their own happiness, and thwarting their own potential. As a motivational speaker, coach, empowerment consultant and author, she brings not just expertise, experience, and practical tools; she brings wisdom, hope and awakening. Jacqueline inspires with the lively energy that gives each person she touches the power to change from the inside out. Jacqueline Hayes is truly a motivational force to be reckoned with.

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